Unveiling the Complexity of Interferon Pathways: Shedding Light on Redox Regulation for Future Breakthrough Drugs

At the forefront of discovery, our mission is to unravel the intricate dance between pathogenic viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and Respiratory Syncytial virus, and the human body.


At the core of our research lies a pivotal ambition: to untangle the intricate dance between redox metabolism and the innate immune response, with an unwavering focus on the ever-shifting maze of interferon pathways. This captivating convergence serves as a stage for a mesmerizing molecular performance, where post-translational modifications choreograph a symphony of signals within the realm of innate immunity. This symphony, in its intricate arrangement, not only dictates the robustness and endurance of our body’s defenses but also sculpts the very essence of their potency. Our forefront research threads, all converge to uncover novel targets that hold the key to activating or tempering the intricate pathways of innate immunity. Our pursuit is twofold: to decipher the molecular mechanisms underpinning these phenomena and to translate these insights into drug targets. Imagine drugs that hold the power to


Our goal is to decipher the crossroads where redox metabolism intricately intersects with the governance of the innate immune response to uncover molecular mechanisms that could become targets for revolutionary drugs, capable of activating or inhibiting hyperactive responses, promising a new era of medical possibilities. Using mass spectrometry approaches, biochemistry and cell biology approaches we aim to characterize the landscape of post- translational modifications orchestrated by redox processes that steer the orchestration of interferon expression and function. Previous and ongoing research relate these finding to SNPs in patients with immune-related diseases.