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At the forefront of discovery, our mission is to unravel the intricate dance between pathogenic viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 and Respiratory Syncytial virus, and the human body—a dance that ultimately determines the fate of infection, whether it’s a viral triumph or a resounding victory for our defences.

Envision viruses as clever attendees at a cellular feast, voraciously seeking nourishment and resources from their host to multiply. However, within the intricate weave of our cells, exists a complex array of antiviral tactics, intricately crafted to foil every viral pursuit. These strategies, akin to intricate locks, safeguard the vital processes necessary for a virus to accomplish its life cycle. Some are marshalled as part of our innate defence and fuel the flames of inflammation, while others are subverted by the virus for its advantage.

In the realm of combating invasions, our cells rely on sentinels — cytosolic receptors — that spot the genetic signatures of invading viruses. The orchestration of these pathways is a complex symphony that must be finely regulated; one misstep can lead to inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, including rare conditions and interferonopathies.

Unravelling the intricate dance between pathogenic viruses and the human body.

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We aspire to pave the way toward broad spectrum host targeted antivirals.



Over the past decade, our research progress has illuminated the deep interplay between redox metabolism and the orchestration of the innate immune response. This nexus, where precise molecular events like post-translational modifications intersect with cellular signalling that governs innate immunity, shapes the nature, potency, and duration of our body’s defence. In essence, our research aligns with a global initiative — to pinpoint host mechanisms that could become targets for revolutionary drugs, capable of activating or inhibiting pathways of innate immunity. With this knowledge, we aspire to pave the way toward broad-spectrum host-targeted antivirals, as well as transformative treatments for a range of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including rare diseases such as interferonopathies.