Meet the Team


Audray Fortin

B.Sc., Lab manager

Audray is our Lab Manager. With an infectious enthusiasm for all things SARS-CoV-2, she is on a scientific mission to uncover the secrets of this tricky virus.If you’re ever searching for her, just follow the trail of pipettes and petri dishes—it’ll lead you straight to her second home, the BSL3.


Elise Caron

B.Sc. U. Montreal, Agente de recherche

Elise is a research assistant contributing to a diverse array of projects within the lab. She likes to delve into the world of microscopy techniques, reveling in the art of discovery. With her around, our lab feels like a playground of scientific exploration!


Christson Tohon

B.Sc. U. Montreal, Research technician

Christson is fascinated by science, spanning from investigative research to its clinical applications. He is currently aiming to acquire proficiency across various laboratory techniques, that will help him uncover specific mechanisms underlying diverse disease conditions linked to bacteria and viruses.


Cynthia Paz-Trejo

Ph.D. U. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Postdoctoral fellow

Cynthia is funded by a CIHR/Takeda fellowship. Trained in Biology and in biomedical genotoxicology, specializing in investigating DNA damage and oxidative stress caused by the utilization of nanotechnology in pesticides. Cynthia is passionate about exploring the interplay of redox signaling in safeguarding DNA integrity, her current research delves


Felix Lamontagne

M.Sc. U. du Québec à Montréal, Ph.D. student

Félix is funded by a NSERC graduate studies – doctoral studentship. Félix is passionate about viruses and the co-evolution between host into expanding this research to unraveling the innate immune response and respiratory virus infections. and pathogens. His project aims at depicting how redox process control epithelial response to infection by Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Dr Nathalie Grandvaux

Nathalie was initially trained as an engineer in Biochemistry at the « Institut National des Sciences Appliquées » in Lyon, France in 1996 and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Grenoble in 1999. After completing a post-doctoral fellow at Mc Gill University, she joined Université de Montréal and the CRCHUM (Université de Montréal Affiliated Hospital research Center), where she currently stands as Full Professor and Associate Scientific Director – Students and Postdoctoral Affairs.
​She is the co-founder (2016) of the Canadian Society for Virology (CSV), a Canadian registered Not-for profit Organization aimed at fostering the interaction between Canadian virologists to strengthen virus-related research capacity in Canada. She was the first elected president of the CSV (2019-2020). She also co-founded and co-directed (2020-2022) the Quebec COVID – Pandemic Network fostering interdisciplinary research on COVID-19.
In 2019, she received the Paul Man Lectureship award from the Alberta Respiratory Center, University of Alberta. She also received the Mentoring Excellence Award from the Society For Redox Biology and Medicine (SFRBM). In 2021, she received the Faculty of Medicine Dean’s recognition award and the CRCHUM excellence award for contribution to the institution.

Grandvaux, Nathalie-1438